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Brett Bloom Writes for Kindling Quarterly on Cities and Parenting

Brett Bloom’s recent article on cities, children, and the incorporation of parenting values into Copenhagen’s urban space.  A pdf from the Kindling Quarterly article is available via the link below: http://mythologicalquarter.net/2014/01/19/the-spacing-of-parental-values/ Advertisements

Artists Kids Compendium

Choreographer Andrew Simonet’s “crowd-sourced, opinionated, positive” guide to being an artist with children! bit.ly/1B6kidr

Ecology of culture report

The Ecology of Culture: a mixed economy with several motivations: http://www.a-n.co.uk/news/the-ecology-of-culture-a-mixed-economy-with-multiple-motivations

PBS Newshour Segment: Why Americans are Struggling with- and Defaulting on- Small Debts

One of the things that suddenly came into focus for me, when I became a parent, was the importance of “asset accrual” in stabilizing a small family (previously eschewed by me for reasons of “artistic freedom”). And also, ways to help my child have a better financial footing than I did. This is a great- … Continue reading

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate https://www.academia.edu/10867439/BFAMFAPhD_On_the_Cultural_Value_Debate

Podcast: The Artists Financial Support Group Speaks Openly about Money and Debt

Podcast: The Artists Financial Support Group Speaks Openly about Money and Debt speaking at the CUE Art Foundation, January 2015

Podcast: Labor Economists Discuss Under-compensation in the Arts

Podcast: Labor Economists at CUE Art Foundation, 12/05/14 speaking at the CUE Art Foundation, December 2014

Podcast: Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) on Artist Compensation

Podcast: W.A.G.E. on how creative labor should be compensated speaking at the CUE Art Foundation, December 2014