Resources and partners

Websites and communities for artists with children:
Center for Parenting Artists A New York-based online center for artists and cultural workers with children.  Active membership-based Facebook group.

Cultural ReProducers A Chicago-based evolving group of active cultural workers who are also parents. Excellent resource listings and articles.

The Mothership Project A network of Irish parenting visual artists and arts workers.

Pen Parentis A New York-based community of authors who are also parents.

Childcare and education reform advocates:
White House Initiative Streamline tax incentives and give families with young children a tax cut of up to $3,000 per child.

Ourselves Huffington Post writer Heidi Mulligan Walker advises parents that now is the time to “get political,” while the White House is calling attention to issues that impact family stability such as paid sick days, parental leave, and childcare reform.

TeachDREAM NYC A NYCoRE initiative to protect schools as safe zones, provide resources to educators and families, and create an ICE-FREE NYC.

Parental Leave:
Parental Leave in the US FMLA mandates 12 weeks of job-protected leave, without pay, from employers with more than 50 employees.  Some states have voluntarily dropped the employee number threshold to cover more workers, to expand on the definition of family including committed relationship and domestic partners, and covered conditions. Pregnant women can be forced into unpaid leave without recourse, despite Pregnancy Discrimination Act. It has been recently established that same-sex parenting couples may use FMLA rights to care for children, but not for their spouse.

Human Rights Watch offers an analysis of leave conditions in “Failing Its Families: Lack of Paid Leave and Work-Family Supports in the US,” including the observation that the the first paid maternity leave law was established in Germany in 1883, with the bulk of European countries making paid maternity provisions to their labor laws by the mid-20th century.

Parental Leave in the UK Paid leave benefits for both parents.  Benefits apply equally to same-sex and opposite-sex parenting couples.  Paternity/co-mothering benefits expanding April 2015.

Family Equality:
Human Rights Campaign Resources for LGBT parents, including adoption, foster care. Map of equality laws by state and by issue. Legal resources for co-parenting agreements.

Coparenting Search and Modamily Coparenting Online resource for finding parenting partnerships, including sperm donation and surrogate mother.

LGBT Co-parenting Meetups Through Meetup.com.

What is co-parenting? Article from The Guardian on modern families.

Butchbaby & Co.  The first alternity wear line for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals. Coming soon.

Buying a home:
ArtHome Resource for home buyers. Advocates for artists, even on a fluctuating income, in this step towards real estate self-determination.  Pamplets/guides for first time home buyers and guides on foreclosure prevention.

Artbuilding Not-for-profit organization that uses built spaces as a mechanism towards financial stability and economic independence for artists.

Investments and financial health:
Artists Financial Support Group New York-based not-for-profit dedicated to strengthening the financial circumstances of artists, reducing educational debt, and innovating ways to manage debt. Hosts of a podcast on artists and money as well as a support group.

Assets for Artists Helping artist-entrepreneurs build wealth and financial stability.  Primarily working in Massachusetts.

NYC Office of Economic Empowerment Challenging website but excellent resource, offering free classes and free one-on-one confidential financial counseling. Goals for free counseling can range from managing educational debt, reducing debt, budgeting, to saving to purchase a home.

Studio/creative space accessibility:
Brooklyn Arts Exchange Park Slope-based center for performing arts. Offers classes, performance space, frequently offers free childcare, and space grants for parenting artists, with a childcare stipend.

Artist Studio Affordability Project New York-based activists promoting  fair real estate and business practices and addressing the need for improved access to creative space. Active Facebook page and Tumblr blog.

Land access and real estate reform advocates:
596 Acres Brooklyn-based community land access advocates, building online tools to help residents clear city hurdles and also protect the land that is currently designated for citizen use. Recently in the news for revealing an NY housing development proposal for 17-20 community garden plots. Active Facebook page.

NYC-Community Land Initiative What is a land trust? Why do we need public land in the city?  Initiative to stabilize neighborhoods (and this works for artists, too) by removing urban property from the speculative real estate market.

New York City To Be Determined NewYork based urban development project that recognizes artists as part of a growing constituency of low-income people.  Organizers of public discussions including 2014 series at Museum of Art and Design.

Compensation in the arts:
CUE Art Foundation New York-based visual arts center dedicated to  creating essential career and educational opportunities for emerging and under-represented artists of all ages. See their professional practice workshop series and podcasts. Child-friendly environment.

W.A.G.E. New York-based activists, Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), have developed a scale of artists fees and compensation specifically for not-for-profit institutions.  As of October 2014, they offer institutional certification to institutions that meet (at least) the minimum payment requirements. See a basic outline of their fee recommendations here.

Paying Artists Campaign UK-based advocates for fair compensation in the arts.

A-N Information Company UK-based arts advocates and professional practice resource.  Supporters of fair compensation policies.

Grants specifically for artists with children:
Sustainable Arts Foundation grants for artists and writers
Pen Parentis writing fellowship for new parents


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