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GOP: equal pay for women could cause job losses

Republican women senators offer toothless legislation aimed at improving the gender wage gap.  Many of the features of the Paycheck Fairness Act- which was voted down by the GOP 3 times- have been removed, including the mandate for businesses to report gender and wage information back the federal government for monitoring.  The new act, called the … Continue reading

Ecology of culture report

The Ecology of Culture: a mixed economy with several motivations: http://www.a-n.co.uk/news/the-ecology-of-culture-a-mixed-economy-with-multiple-motivations

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate https://www.academia.edu/10867439/BFAMFAPhD_On_the_Cultural_Value_Debate

Podcast: Labor Economists Discuss Under-compensation in the Arts

Podcast: Labor Economists at CUE Art Foundation, 12/05/14 speaking at the CUE Art Foundation, December 2014

Podcast: Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) on Artist Compensation

Podcast: W.A.G.E. on how creative labor should be compensated speaking at the CUE Art Foundation, December 2014